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“Republic 2030”. Manifest.

Latvia can do better!

Latvia is our homeland – it is home to our families and our children. We all want to live in a democratic and prosperous state – a European nation that all of us could be proud of. We strongly believe that Latvian society has enough power and talent to build a republic where each citizen and resident could strive for excellence and achievement, and would also motivate others to follow suit.

That is why we cannot accept the current situation!

We cannot accept economic stagnation and social inequality. We cannot tolerate a situation, where many Latvians are unable to afford a decent standard of living, whereas society as a whole becomes increasingly polarized and mediocrity rules the ball on all levels of government. We cannot accept lack of talent and international ambitions in the government.

We cannot accept a deeply divided society and the government policy which systematically pitches one ethnic group against all others. A divided country by definition cannot join all its forces to create the synergies required to achieve ambitious national goals.

We do not accept our government’s inability to formulate and properly defend real national interests of Latvia. We do not accept the Latvian government’s irresponsibility and tendency to passively drift downstream, and the inability of the ruling class to formulate and achieve ambitious long-term goals for the country.

We do not accept the downward spiral of the political process in Latvia and its clear degradation. As a result, people in Latvia become more and more skeptical and distrustful of a democratic parliamentary republic as an effective form of government. We do not accept the situation when most Latvians mistrust political parties and stay away from the elections, become totally passive and disengage themselves from the democratic process.

Where to go?

What Latvia needs is a long-term vision and economic development strategy that would precisely fit the situation in our country.

We need the kind of democratic government that would assume the leading role in the national development process.

We need an enterprising country and an enterprising government.

Latvian families need a strong government support in order to ensure a higher birth rate, at the level of least 2.1 – and that can be achieved only through better healthcare, better welfare and educational policy, better economic situation in general.

Within the next eight years we must ensure Latvian leadership among Baltic nations.

Our mission is to make Latvia – within the next twenty years – one of the most developed and environmentally friendly (indeed, green!) nations of the world, where all people have equal opportunities and can freely realize their potential, and where nobody is left aside.

"Republic 2030" – who are we?

“Republic 2030” is the first political organization in Latvia in which all members feel united by their joint historic mission. All of us feel responsible for the future of our country and our people, for our past and future achievements. Experts from various fields as well as people from all walks of life join their efforts within our ranks in order to address challenges that arise before the Latvian government and society as a whole. Our political position in centrist, and we are totally against “niche politics”. We focus on the main priority: improving the well-being of people in Latvia and ensuring steady economic development. We strongly disagree with the so called “red line policy”, and we seek solutions and policies that unite and consolidate Latvian society as opposed to dividing it even further.

National interests of the Republic of Latvia as defined by the Latvian people must be the true foundation of all political decisions – whether in solving foreign policy challenges or addressing internal policy issues.

We believe in the rule of the people as the only future for Latvia. That is why our movement is called “Republic 2030”.

We want to build Republic 2030 – a country where people would enjoy living and working, raising families and taking care of their parents and grandparents. Republic, where all of us would feel safe, and a great place where we would always want to return to.

What unites us?

We are united by a common vision, mission, and core values: care, responsibility, and skill.


In Latvia, the main value and development potential of the state are its people; therefore, care is the main function of the state. The state should take care that no one is ousted or left behind, that the education system finds a place for everyone in economic development, and that everyone realizes his or her talent. It is necessary to ensure that the health care system is not a patch, but a pillar of the economy. The state should be a master of its resources in the broadest sense of the word.


There is no place in government or public administration for those who avoid responsibility by hiding behind experts, coalition partners, civil servants and the others. We must end the culture of irresponsibility, which is also the basis of a bloated state machinery. Responsibility is the duty of political leaders to society: otherwise, they do not justify the mandate given to them by society, the wages from taxpayers and, in turn, do not work for the benefit of Latvia and its people.


Skill is not only knowledge but also the ability to implement goal-oriented solutions with the desired long-term effect. This is what was missing on the path of Latvia’s growth. We need to get rid of the approach: we tried our best – you know the rest. Skill and professionalism in all areas of the state and at all levels are fundamental to development.

What do we do?

We will put forward goals at the state level that will unite all residents of Latvia. Together with entrepreneurs, the brightest academic minds, state-minded civil servants and active members of society, we will create a vision for the development of an entrepreneurial Latvian state.

If you share our thoughts – join us!

Republic 2030 is an open organization. We invite everyone who thinks alike and who is ready to contribute to the development of Latvia, regardless of nationality, citizenship or any other criteria.

Do not stand aside!
Together we can do better!
Together we will build the Republic of Latvia 2030!

Contact Us

““Republika 2030” Reg. Nr. 40008306038;

Garkalnes novads, Sunīši, Gaigalu street 13, LV-2137.


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